The Factory as such has been located in a predominantly Fruit and Vegetable growing area and has got a catchments area comprising of a three districts of Dindigul, Theni and Madurai which is near the Sirumalai ranges and Kodaikanal hills. This helps in the sourcing out of the hill range and the exotic vegetable spectrum.

We are a decade old company in the area of manufacturing and exporting fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and processed food products.

Maagrita possess state of the art infrastructure right from the hitech design plant to the equipment and the facilities available which has further complemented in automating our process and assures conformity to the world class standards.We lay our due emphasis in designing our entire plant as per the international standards and also import our essential equipment and technology from reliable sources. We also have a range of imported machines from USA, Australia, Netherlands, and South Africa for processing our wide array.

There are lot attentions we pay in proper care of our range of fruits and vegetables. We lay our kind consideration right from the seedling to the harvesting stage. There are following stages where we pay our due attention such as :-


Our sourcing farms produce a wide range of fruits and vegetables in qualitative amount. These are carefully hand-picked by trained pickers and stored in hygienic plastic containers for transportation. These are handled with great care to ensure them with freshness and without blemish. They are transported to our factory in specially refrigerated trucks to retain their freshness.


The freshly picked fruits and vegetables are brought to our state-of the-art factory. The factory has all facilities for storage and processing under temperature controlled conditions. The produce is sorted here to remove any broken, blemished or damaged ones. This ensures that only those of the superior quality are selected. The entire process is carried out under hygienic conditions.


Grading is done to maintain uniformity in weight and quality. Fruits and vegetables are graded using the latest grading equipment and this is based on color, texture, size and weight. Uniformity in weight is focused on with an allowance of just 5gm difference this way or that.

The Grading Stage is carried out in specially cooled rooms where the temperature and level of gas concentration is microprocessor controlled. Quality is ensured through international quality management; food safety system and Good Agricultural practices (GAP) besides meeting environmental standards.


All our wide range of fruits and vegetables are properly washed with a water spray and scrubbed gently with a brush to remove any remaining trace of dirt. They are then treated with hot water to remove bacteria. Fungicide and wax treatment are also carried out to increase the shelf life.

Owing to our infrastructure, we possess spacious collection centres, spacious cold storage facilities, pre-cooling facilities, special ripening rooms and temperature controlled rooms which accurately monitor the temperature and the desired level of gases. In our unit, we have climate controlled packaging rooms and possess vehicles to keep our gamut fresh.

Owing to our pickling section, we have bottle washers, curing tanks to fill and seal equipment. And the dehydration section uses low temperature driers from Australia to preserve the original taste, flavor and nutrients of products.

Some of Our Efficient Machines Includes : -

  • Individual quick freezing (I.Q.F.) tunnel
  • Rotary Washer
  • Freezer
  • Sorting Grading Conveyor
  • Blanching Unit
  • Fruit Crusher
  • Twin Pulper
  • Pulp Pasteurizer
  • Filling machines
  • Labeling machines