Pack House

The Factory is divided in to Two clear cut segments to cater to the growing needs of the end users. We have a fully automated Pack House set to International Standards, complete in all respects, with cooling chambers, Ripening chambers, a Pre-cooling before shipment chambers, besides the automated crate washing machines. The cooling chambers and the Ripening chambers have been sourced out from Australia and has the Facility to Trouble shoot online through a very intricate software that has been installed. This facilities help to keep the product to be exported in a cool chain so as to ensure farm freshness.


House The process House has got facilities to turn out pickles, chutneys, canned products and de-hydrated products.

  • The Pulping plant can pulp a range of fruits such as Alphonso and totapuri mangoes besides, papaya, banana and all other tropical fruits.
  • The de-hydration plant can dehydrate almost any type of Vegetables/Fruits/Culinary and Medicinal herbs without losing its nutritive value, colour or flavour like Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, oregano, marjoram and peppermint, besides, curry leaves and coriander to name a few.


Logistics and Logistic providers already have tied up with Maagrita to meet the ever-growing demand of customers. Being the first of its kind in the southern peninsular, Maagrita is on the path forward to achieve a big leap and are sure that it will complement the country to sustain its name in the Global market as a Winter garden for all the European countries and the World as a whole.


For the easy transportation of our wide range, we possess our own fleet of special refrigerated carriers for transporting our array from the vast farm to factory and from factory to final shipment. In addition to it, we take proper care and hygiene of the range and it is regularly inspected and maintained. These are hygienic and routinely. These have been planned out in such a manner to suit the international standards and thereby, assist in maintaining the cool chain.

Cool Chain

We cater our clients with the quality, tasty and nutritive range so as to offer them full satisfaction. Therefore, we have developed a highly structured cold chain system for the proper transportation of our wide array. This cold chain is maintained right from transporting fruits and vegetables from our farm to our factory. Also, we possess special cooling areas such as pre-cooling rooms, ripening rooms and cold storage. For our dehydrated range, we provide a low temperature dehydration technology to seal in the flavor, color and nutrients.

Procurement process

We pay our utmost attention in our procurement process right from the team of farmers to the location of our farms. The training of our farmers is very important to yield the maximum output and proper guidance equip them with the advanced technology.


We have dedicated and committed farmers who own land and produce fruits and vegetables of excellent quality and tied up with them for our requirements. We follow high nourishment and sophisticated technology in producing qualitative fruits and vegetables. To enhance the productivity level of our farmers, we train them with latest framing methods and grant them extensive support. The specific areas in which they are trained are as follows:

  • Pest and disease control programs
  • Maturity indices for uniform production quality
  • Good farm management and various others.

International Standards, Certification and Packaging

We Follow Indian and World-class standards as mentioned. Packing Technology has also been infused in to the Pack House and today we can meet the packing requirements of our clients in whatever form or specifications is required. We have facilities to stuff reefer containers and ordinary containers at the factory through mechanized /semi mechanized equipments which conform to International standards.

“With Maagrita, you have the assurance of a remarkably fresh and naturally delicious product, every time.”